Measure software on measurement cluster

Measuring software introduction

The Green Metrics Tool can measure your software either in a one-off run or in a continuous monitoring.

In the box below please put your Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket-Repo URL and an E-mail where we send the link to the statistics.

Your run will be put in a queue and processed in the next free slot.

The Green Metrics Tool expects a schema-correct usage_scenario.yml file in your repository root. Please check the Demo Software Repository for example and documentation.
Override the usage scenario file name or provide relative path if it is not in the repository root with the optional filename field.

Restrictions of the free version
  • Only public repositories are supported
  • Only one run per day per repository is supported
  • For a premium account with no restrictions please contact us at [email protected]
Submit software for measurement

Find the specifications of the machines in our documentation